Sean Smith
International Speaker

Sean Smith


Runner Up, “North American’s Next Greatest Speaker” contest hosted by EWomen Network




Public Speaking/Speaking Skills
• How to Develop a Powerful Presentation to
Engage Your Audience
• The Physicality of Persuasion & Physiology of
• Establishing Credibility & Immediate
• Overcoming Fear & Speaking with Confidence
• Hands-on live presentation practice, review &
Sales/ Productivity
• Get Focused & Get Organized
• The Systems Approach
• Managing Stress, building your business &
Staying positive
• Time Management: Making time for What
• The Accountability Game
Organizational Leadership
• Mastering Critical Thinking
• Collaborative Cooperation
• Conflict Management
• Cultivating Creativity
• The “Bottoms up” Leadership Approach
• Understanding your Leadership Style
• What Got you Here won’t get you There
Team Building
• Communication: Overcoming Conflict,
Communicating with Confidence & Listening
for Understanding
• Safe Accountability
• It’s a Jungle out there! Personalities Revealed
• The Art of Collaboration
• Interactive Activities & Exercises for Self
Discovery & Improving Team Dynamics


2013’s “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker”, Sean is known for his uncanny ability to move the unmovable. After more than a decade of motivating audiences all over the world, mentoring business leaders and training coaches, Sean has eveloped a healthy reputation for his authenticity, and his ability to inspire virtually anyone. Sean will have audiences rolling on the ground with laughter, and shedding tears of awareness all within one keynote speech. He can motivate an audience of thousands or inspire an intimate group of professionals. Through his stories, his passionate delivery and his powerful messages, Sean connects with people and gets to the heart of the challenges that limit potential. Sean’s objective is to help create measurable and positive change in as many lives as possible. His extraordinary ability to communicate and connect with people is born out of his servant spirit. As a teacher and probation officer early in his career, he discovered his passion for connecting with and serving people. That work continues today in his inspirational, motivating, powerful and passionate speaking, training & coaching. Be. Do. Live. This is my personal motto. Amazingly simple. Immensely powerful. When I lost my father to pancreatic 

You want to improve, but do not know how?