Dr. Hisham Abdel-Alim Abdel-Fattah
International legal and administrative certified lecturer

Dr. Hisham Abdel-Alim Abdel-Fattah


• PhD in administration and general law.
• Master's degree for human resources development.
• Bachelor of Law, Ain Shams University.
• Consultant in international arbitration.


Certified international trainer
• Administrative, Legal and Commercial Consultant.
• Development, Training and Human Resource Development Consultant.
• Implement and design training programs for all governmental, non-governmental and private bodies.
• Partner and consultant for a UAE-based legal and administrative consultancy with 33 years of experience.
• Administrative and legal consultant and human resources development for several training centers inside and outside the Arab world.


Leadership skills and promotion of job competencies and building relationships
Scientific foundations in business administration
Skills of drafting regulations, rules and administrative decisions
Art Media and Information Sources
Managing contractual risks and preparing legal structures for dispute resolution
Modern standards for personnel policies and procedures
Rehabilitation of human resources cadres and training of trainers to train staff
Diploma in Administrative Affairs
Diplomatic administration
Strategies for security of enterprises.
Advanced course in security of vital facilities.
Technical and technological tools in the management of security investigations.
Excellence in preparing annual security and military training plans.
Total quality and its applications to functional performance.
Security and protection of facilities.
VIP protection.
Developing the skills of industrial safety and security supervisors.
Writing technical reports on fires in petroleum and industrial facilities.
The management of the security crisis is in line with the global quality system
FIDC contracts - all types of contracts
Diploma of Human Resources Management
Secretarial skills and office management
Leadership, administrative and supervisory skills
Time management and self-management skills
International relations and consular diplomacy
Electronic Offices
Distinguished work teams
Institutionalization of new staff
Loyalty and functional affiliation
Etiquette and ceremony skills
Skills of dealing with presidents and principals
Global trade methods and the conclusion of international contracts
Successful management of the competitive environment
Administrative investigation and discipline
Institutional loyalty and functional affiliation
Strategic planning of inventory
Preparation of professional trainer
Career loyalty and professional ethics.
Leadership and effective management styles
Audit review to follow approved food safety measurements
Solve problems in creative ways
Job evaluation and pay system
Manage customer complaints
Distinguished management and the contemporary future
Regulations of the Civil Service Law
Strategies for discovering administrative and financial corruption


Hisham, based in United Arab Emirates, is a Certified International Trainers with more than 30 years of experience in the field of legal and managerial and commercial consultations. Hisham is a mentor and an experienced trainer with a successful track record in delivering training in Leadership skills, Implementing and designing training programs for all governmental, non-governmental and private entities.

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