Coach, Trainer, Consultant



Having graduated from Computer Engineering Dept. of Middle East Technical University in 1995
Co-Active Coaching Certificate (CPCC) from The Coaches Training Institute
I am a relationship and team coach who completed Systems Coaching program of CRR Global ORSC - Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching
I have completed CTI Co-Active Leadership program, which is one of the most prestigious leadership trainings in the world. In addition, I graduated from Gestalt Center for Coaching program (formerly known as Eurasian Gestalt Coaching) and Jungian Coaching ProgramI participated in are Proficiency in Executive and Leadership Coaching by Dost Can Deniz, Alchemy by CRR Global, Art and Science of Co-Facilitation, Non-Violent Communication, Creativity in Coaching, and Deep Democracy.




My Fields of Work and Interests
Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching, Co-Active Coaching, Gestalt Coaching, Neuroscience, Major Group Activities, Deep Democracy, Processwork, Shadowwork, Transactional Analysis, Non-Violent Communication, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, System Constellation
Leadership, Sales based on Added Value and Consulting, “Challenger Sale”, Key Account Management, Channel Management, Product Management, Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Communication and Presentation trainings.
Experience in Telecom and Information Sector


With my coaching experience over 900 hours, I offer a range of consultancy services as a team and leadership coach, organization development consultant and facilitator accredited by CPCC, PCC, ORSC certificates.  

, I worked in sales and marketing departments as well as playing managerial roles in the leading multi-national companies operating in IT sector, such as Logo Yazılım, SAP, Compaq, Sun Microsystems, Atos Origin, EMC.

I took an active role in the entire process of sales and marketing activities from the feasibility stage of a product to the decision making stage of how the value to be presented to the end customer must be handled, as well as business development, channel management, key account management in addition to sales expertise based on consultancy and the value given to the customer.

During my role as a manager and also before that, I have realized that contributing to the development of the people that I worked with has become a passion to me. I applied coaching principles in both leadership and sales, and as a result of it, stepping out into full-time coaching has followed as a natural process. 

Some of the trainings that Helping both individuals and organizations to realize their real potentials is a source of happiness to me. Therefore, I work for helping people and companies reveal their true visions by leaving behind the behavioural patterns and point of views that restrict them.   

You want to improve, but do not know how?