Dr. Saif Al Moaili
Director General of Smart Key Management Training, Fujairah

Dr. Saif Al Moaili


Member of the American Board certified the Canadian training and human development. (Certified International Trainer - agent donor certification board).
International Parliament for scientists Human Development IPSHD member parliamentary bloc as Commissioner General Assembly. And the director of the Department of Protocol and Chamberlain in Parliament.
Honorary membership of the club of international leaders in the Moroccan Academy. As a leading figure in the Arab world.
certified international coach in the University of Toronto PhD degree in professional training and human development.
Member of an international coach and a lecturer degree / Doctor (Platinum membership). Canadian Organization for Professional Education, Canada.


Founder and director of scientific Fujairah Club - formerly
Secretary of Fujairah National Theatre - formerly
Vice Chairman Scout Commission Fujairah Management - formerly


NLP Diploma
Diploma hypnotherapist
Time Line Therapy Technology
Creative thinking skills
Emotional intelligence skills
Modern strategies for effective communication
Fruitful negotiation skills
Success and happiness program
Analytical thinking skills
The art of the Etiquette & Protocol
Conservation and Electronic Archiving
Transforming creative ideas into projects
Distinguished Employee Diploma
The successful teacher skills
Develop the skills and abilities of the teacher
How to be an effective and distinguished director
How to be an effective and distinguished director
How to be an effective and distinguished director
Preparing a resume and job interviews
The ethics of public office
Preparation and Training of Trainers TOT
Labour and Social etiquette and dealing
Modern electronic management
Effective administrative leadership
Modern electronic secretarial
Marketing and sales etiquette and protocol work
Human Resources Management and self-motivation and the drafting of success.
Etiquette and protocol work
Recent trends for Personnel
Positive energy
Problem-solving and decision-making
Executive Secretariat creative
Diploma Media Specialist
Innovative Leadership
The art of dealing with complaints and objections
Problem-solving and decision-making mechanisms
The art of dealing with complaints and Costumer objections.
Diplomacy administration efficiency of running time
Smart administrative leadership
Self-leadership to achieve excellence art of customer service and customer service seven star
Methodology excellence in managerial oversight
Brainstorming creative ideas and seeding
anger management
Etiquette dealing with VIPs
Field skills for the staff of public relations
Develop a methodology of excellence for new staff skills in the managerial oversight
Develop and refine the convictions of staff program
Personal achievement for staff and administrators etiquette Customer Service
The art of dealing with difficult personalities
Activation of personal skills and improve performance
MICE Management
Preparation and drafting reports and correspondence and messages
Simplifying the Business
Executive skills to the staff of the Public Relations
Secretarial skills development
Conservation and archiving of supply and diction skills
Secrets positive thinking distinguished administrative
Preparation of reports and action plans (office management)
Factors create the overall quality of the institution system
Archive Electronic innovative leadership and archiving
Management Engineering (Reengineering)
Develop core skills for managers of the senior leadership offices
Twenty habits of leaders, managers and decision-makers
Eight factors to set up a quality management system and vein
Preparation of administrative and organizational structures and job descriptions
Project management of micro, small and medium
Public relations skills and dealing with VIPs
Protocol and etiquette of international economic conference
Integrated entrance for self-development and personal change
You prepare excellence (to participate in the competitions of Excellence)
Institutional work ethic and loyalty
Institutional work and career excellence
Consultant Marketing Strategies
How cool trader difficult
Success and excellence industry
Attributes and features of the future managers of offices
Decision-making and leadership of difficult situations
Outstanding Customer Service Officer


An international professional trainer and consultant in training and human development and the development of individuals and institutions. Certified from a largest and most prestigious Arab and international accreditation bodies in training and more than 18 colleges and prestigious academy in the training and development of individuals, institutions and human development, training and consulting, and the development of management and leadership, and modify the behavior of individuals and departments. Certified and unrestricted international coach holds a scientific and technical certificates in training and development departments and individuals, in many quarters for private business and government departments and semi-government in the UAE and the Gulf states and Obed Arab countries. Lecturer working independently own account, and Adair Training Institute and the development of human development, I have my projects own business. Volunteers in more than seven voluntary organizations and participated in more than 30 share locally, regionally and internationally, and the experience of more than 27 years in the administrative, professional and technical business. Founder and Director of Smart Ki Institute of Management Training in Fujairah and the founder and director of the Science Club Fujairah earlier, and worked as Secretary General of the Fujairah National Theatre for four years and as Deputy Chief Scout Commission Fujairah previously. Employee working as head of the Department of Protocol and Protocol Department of Protocol and Hospitality Diwan of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Rular Emirate of Fujairah - United Arab Emirates.

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