Dr. Salah   Mahdi  Al-Hamdani
An international training expert / human development, education human rights

Dr. Salah Mahdi Al-Hamdani


Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering
Doctor professional / interactive training strategies - Toronto / University Canada
Certificate of International / Human Development expert training, education, Human rights
Certificate of Certified Instructor / COPE 0171
-r_khashmadrb Certified Advanced 1559-Iraq) Certificate of trainer / Ambassadors International Development Program (figure 42 training / Iraq) Certificate of a certified trainer / International Academy for Training and Development
Certificate of Certified Instructor / skills program to change positions
Head of the Training Network of National Council for Leadership and Management
National team coaches -mass Human Development Coordinator of the National Forum training / Chairman seventh team training
-naib Head of the National Council for Human Rights Council


Member of Iraqi board of vocational training and development of human team
Member of the Academy of professional trainers
Member of the Canadian organization for professional education
Member of the National Training First Forum
-aazaviat Galleries / CSO (N.G.O.S) / growth and development
Member of Advisory / Agricultural Engineers Association office


Building And self-development
-almharrat Life and Personal
-altakotait Personal and institutional
- T.O.T
-alterpah And education
-alosrh And childhood
-human rights
Intellectual property rights (six development projects) are registered / Iraqi Ministry of Culture / intellectual property rights department-1 project for human rights ambassadors of two-way project to combat illiteracy Developmental Education
3. founded your own program for 4-lived life program we meet to live up developmentally 5. Project marrying off girls' families Vakedat 6-Civil Society Award for Arts and Culture


    Replies scholarship and research at conferences and seminars specialism                                                                                                                      - paper study work (the reality of trade union action in Iraq and the prospects for its    development / N.G.O.S Conference

Participate paper study work around (run orphanages) Introduction of the Conference of the COI / 2007

-orkh Research work on the (unemployment in Iraq), submitted to the Conference and the Ministry of Labour / 2008

-orkh Study work around (career work ethic) Introduction of the Conference of Integrity / 2008

-orkh Study about (the right to education for people with special needs) to Matmrmash Rights / 2009 rights.

-orkh Study (legislation and the rights of the disabled) to Matmrmash human rights for the year 2011.

-orkh Study about (the reality of disability and the rights of the disabled in Iraq) Introduction to the Ministry of Human Rights.

-orkh Study work around (the phenomenon of begging and homelessness) Introduction to the Conference of the Baghdad Provincial / 2011.

-orkh Work of the seminar theme (the development of the two types of institutes rehabilitation and education for people with disabilities)

-ourguih Seminar (the role of youth in building civil society) to the Ministry of Youth / Youth National Forum IV

    He highlighted the work outputs                                                                                   -tm implementation of several training courses and workshops programs since 2005 (developmental Galleries courses to build personal skills and managerial career planning and leadership courses preparation and training of trainers, development camps, a field) training courses and workshops are competent (of Education, Professional Education, Human Rights)

-vth Membership of the door (to the national team coaches Human Development) per trained graduates from our courses and others rely courses after passing the training course. And achieve business opportunity in (development coach) within our training programs for all wishing ...




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