ACBPT membership offers many benefits such as:

  • A personal page on our website for members’ profiles where they can market their training programs through our website and across our network of trainers and trainees.
  • Members can leverage the instant credibility afforded by the ACBPT brand by using the ACBPT logo on their website, in email communications, and on stationery items. They can also display their membership certificate to let your clients know you are part of ACBPT.
  • Members are eligible for inclusion in ACBPT’s online Member Directory, designed as a tool to find ACBPT Members and for ACBPT Members to connect with one another.
  • Members receive a toolkit contains a host of valuable content, including printable marketing material, fact sheets, templates and more.
  • ACBPT Business Solutions Partners offer discounts or special pricing to ACBPT Members on their goods and services. ACBPT’s Partners offer a wide range of products and services, including software solutions, magazine subscriptions, and hospitality solutions.
  • ACBPT Members enjoy a significant discount on initial and renewal applications for the ACBPT Credential.
  • ACBPT Members can enhance their professional development and continue their education by participating in select ACBPT events. (Visit our website for an up-to-date listing of upcoming events, regional conferences and virtual education offerings).
  • ACBPT’s Reciprocal Peer Training & Coaching Program is accessible to all ACBPT Members and enables them to receive professional training and coaching from one colleague in exchange for time spent training and coaching another peer.
  • With support in three languages, ACBPT's Regional Support team around the world can answer day-to-day questions and help members make the most of ACBPT Global Membership.
  • ACBPT is expanding. This gives ACBPT members the opportunity to market their services to potential clients in new regions through ACBPT solid and well defined cross marketing model.
  • ACBPT has an online platform that members can use to deliver their services and evaluate their trainees. This is a huge cost saving opportunity for those who do not have their own online learning platform.
  • New trainers and coaches can benefit from ACBPT’s support team and professionally prepared training and coaching material that can assist them to plan, prepare and conduct their training and coaching sessions.
  • Members who wish to organize their own training events, including conferences, can enjoy considerable rate discounts through using our network of partners and service providers. ACBPT Event Planner Service can handle the organization of training and events from A to Z, which saves members a lot of time and money.
  • ACBPT has a very efficient global authentication and legalization service department that can handle most of document authentication and legalization requests of their members at a reasonable fee.

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