from Tuesday, 20 November 2018 to Thursday, 22 November 2018





Energy flows where the mind goes!



Two days of enjoyment in Beirut, November 20 and 22 from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. “Enjoyment and Mental Immunity”



Interactive techniques and topics that are going to be developed and worked out:

  • We are acting on 4 fields: mental field, physical field, energy field and field of a soul.

    Learn how these fields are affecting your everyday life, and what are you doing that causes changes for you personally and in the environment around you.

  • Basic human needs are creating behavior. Discover your basic needs. What drives you? What motivates you? How is this reflecting in your working environment?


Purpose of day 1:

  • Awareness about the field on which you are acting i.e. where and how you can affect in order to produce the desired results.

  • Increased awareness and control over yourself, higher level of mental immunity which provides better physical health and emotional intelligence.

  • Overcoming excuses and low motivation.

  • Change your daily strategy and create personal leadership skills.





Interactive techniques and topics that are going to be developed and worked out:

  • Which motivational forces drives you?

  • Why are you doing what you are doing? How do you manage yourself and what are your excuses?

  • More awareness about the connection between the body, mind and the emotions.

What is your body telling you about your mental immunity? What are your body movements? 

of day 2:
Understanding of personal beliefs and values and thus taking the responsibility about the personal commitment and engagement in the working processes.

  • Increase your motivation based on pain and pleasure motivational forces.

  • Understand, reduce stress and conflict what is very helpful for developing selfconfidence and assertiveness;

  • The charismatic leader is the one who can manage and transform the energy and the emotions.


Main Speaker

 Marina Anchevska, BSc is a CEO of the Center for Business Psychology, Internationally accredited NLP Trainer, Business and Personal Coach, Motivational and Conference speaker, Holistic therapist,Yoga teacher and Writer.

She has begun her career as Personal and Professional Development Trainer and Coach in the Netherlands where she lived for 17 years. 
In 2007 she founded the Agency for Communications ”Ksantika”, which was the first training center that provided internationally accredited NLP certification in Macedonia.

Over the years, through her work with many individuals and companies in Macedonia, the Netherlands and Ireland, she has developed her unique style of training and coaching, which is motivating and full of respect for the clients. Her approach encourages others to make long lasting changes in their personal and professional life.
Marina is a well respected Conference, TV and radio guest speaker. She writes articles for magazines and national newspapers covering interesting topics about investing in personal and professional development. Through the years of her own personal development, she acquired certifications as Yoga Teacher and Holistic Therapist and has successfully implemented both skills in many training programs in accordance with the development needs of the modern person; for individuals and in the business environment.

She is the first motivational speaker in Macedonia, and that’s her passion.  

Her long standing international experience as Trainer, Coach, Holistic Therapist and Yoga Teacher, provides the combination needed to reach anyone’s personal and professional goals as well as physical results, good health and calmness.

In 2017 she has published her first book “Simply me”, which is also the first book for personal development in Macedonia, written by a Macedonian author.



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