Center for Business Psychology – Systemic & NLP South East Europe

The Mission of the Center for Business Psychology – Systemic & NLP South East Europe is:

Creating a better world in which people want to belong!

We make people aware of their drives, the adopted patterns, and the inspiration for their achievements in life.

By using the obtained knowledge, skills and insights, people are able to choose to make a constructive change in their lives. In our stimulating and pleasant environment, people are provided with the best tools for start of their change.

Our mission is to create a better world, by giving people the tools to become better professionals, increase their self-confidence and be enthusiastic and happier, so they can make our world a better place in their unique manner.

Our Trainers, Specialists and Coaches are driven by their own competence and creativity and they apply all available tools to help people achieve their goals.  

We are supporting companies in the processes of their organizational changes by providing coaching for CEO’s, managers and employees. Also, we provide tailor-made trainings for different types of organizations, companies and citizens’ associations. Our programs for personal and professional development are suitable for every individual and organization, oriented toward continually growth and improvement of their individual and collective activity. 


Be our guest to join our programs and find out what you can acquire with the knowledge obtained in our Center.


The Center for Business Psychology is the first International NLP Center in Macedonia, accredited by the American Board of NLP.

You want to improve, but do not know how?