First Expert Company
  • Our foundation in the field goes back  to  1973 when we first established an approved Accounting 
  • 2004 – The First Expert for  Managerial  And Financial Consultation  was established, to provide expertise and consultations to specialized companies and organizations in accounting , management  establishing  accounting system and training programs for companies` 
  • 2013 – The First Expert For Human Resources  was   The First Expert  is in-cooperation with  Malta Institute of management  to Provide training courses in  MBA  under  supervision of Heriot University .


     Our Vision  

To reach a real mutual relationship with our customers in order to fulfill their ambitions and to raise their training standard.


     Our Duty

Taking into considerations that man is the True wealth, our organization has come out all the way to contribute to developing human resources according to advanced training programs combining organization with the latest in training field using highly qualified distinguished specialists to provide and lay out the necessary consultations with highly scientific quality.


     Our Objectives

Organizing and running various training programs such as (course, workshops, conferences, seminars, meetings, etc.) with a unique way using the latest technology to ensure our commitment towards quality and our constant endeavor towards improving the productivity in all different administrations and sectors.

You want to improve, but do not know how?