Established in 2016, SCAMPER Center has been active in the training and developing field. The major focus of training programs, and workshops offered by SCAPER Center is to improve learning, and help learners acquire thinking skills, and developing human resources. Training of trainers is also in focus. SCAMPER Center provides training based on most up-to-date trends in education and learning fields to enable participants enter the work market professionally.

Our Vision:

Unleash the capabilities and aptitudes of the audience we target with training in order to develop and sharpen their skills until become able to make their future at the Arab World level.

Our Mission:

Develop personality to its fullest for all aspects

Our Values:

Commitment, Appreciation, and Diversity

Our Objectives:

  • Develop job performance
  • Support self-development and professional growth
  • Contribute to local community development, education, and qualify it to the sustainable development process.
  • Capacity building through working with youth and young people by instilling in them positive values and behaviors
  • Assist develop and promote moderate and positive-thinking attitudes

Our Staff:

We employ specialist trainers who are qualified both educationally and practically and hold higher education certifications.   

You want to improve, but do not know how?