United National Training Network for Leadership and Management

Explanatory summary

-elsafh Legal: work according to the Iraqi official license laws 1

 2-Jurisdiction: Human Development, Human rights, education and professional education (training, workshops, conferences, Mehrjanat..k)

 3-target groups: all the slides social (Krobat personal and State government employees and Gargumien, community leaders, businesses, civil society organizations / leaders and members, leaders of the administrative and technical, political and social leaders)

 4-geographical area: all the provinces of Iraq and the Kurdistan region + organize the implementation of programs outside of Iraq, according to authorities wishing to request by preparing its own action plan

 5-action formula: Implementation (training programs, workshops, conferences and seminars, development camps) over the months of the year and according to the annual work plan

 6-point of the implementation of programs and activities: a team of trainers and coaches accredited, including holders of certificates of professionalism An international They are members of the network and outside (of Baghdad and other provinces) attend the training and coordinate their missions through the (national team coaches Human Development)

Thinking skills courses -1

Life management courses -2                                        

3-Develop education courses

Training program and the number of coaches -4

 5- Leadership skills courses

            6-Business management software             7-  Human Rights

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