S.M.A.P.E for Professional Training

Who are we?

At the beginning of the last year of the third millennium, a group of specialists in the areas of training and education for more than a decade agreed to bring a new vision in the field of education and professional training, employing where all their expertise to provide highly excellence and high-quality services and a practical and effective character commensurate with the needs of the growing cadres working in the country S.A.M.P.L.E PROFESSIONAL Training Center was founded not to be an addition to an already crowded market with institutions and training centers, but as smart model of what can training add to institutions and continuous in the service and development of human resources, and continue in this effort by providing of temporal and spatial dimensions for the scientific studies that embodies the knowledge , creativity and development values that elevate trainee globally, intellectually and culturally to be a vector for global level and scientific curriculum with Sudanese feature

Our vision

There is one vision standing behind everything we do that is to provide superior care, attention and consideration to our customer’s to achieve the aspirations on the highest levels of scientific excellence and global leadership training compound.

We believe in The importance of specialized training and qualification as the main input to increase performance and raise the rate of overall human development process. Training and Qualification adoption as it is the most important parts of developmental process and work sustainability and renewal. The urgent need to adopt scientific training and qualification scheme required for the manufacture of human development contemporary concept. We aim to Make a quantum leap in the field of training from being inherited from the old warehouse of information to the new world in the curriculum , activities and studies within the framework of a comprehensive system aimed to achieve harmony between the training objectives , strategies and training methods and sources of information and tools Provide a comfortable learning environment to help accommodate technical developments and their integration to suit depending on the development of methods and ways with the means of training in Sudan Bring out the rationale that we had to shift from traditional training methods to the study of modern formulas that are in line with the changes imposed by globalization Raise the capacities and competencies and institutional for the government and the private sector and contribute to the building of the human staff as a key to development and basic structure.

You want to improve, but do not know how?