Services for organizations:


In terms of the membership requirements for training and coaching organizations, you need to provide us with:
  • Articles of incorporation or other equivalent documents that prove the status of your training organization in the country where it operates.
  • Proof of physical location in the country where your organization operates, supported by a floor plan and photos of the various facilities at that location.
  • A list of trainers and coaches in your organization (minimum three).

Membership Fee: $250.00 USD per year.

ACBPT Quality Certification

Members in good standing could request an evaluation and apply for ACBPT Quality Certification. The assessment period can take up to three months and certification is valid for nine months. If the certification request is approved, your training organization will receive:
  • ACBPT Quality Certification.
  • An ACBPT Quality Plaque.
  • A 50% increase in your rating on the ACBPT website.
  • The ACBPT Quality logo and stamp on the certificates that you provide to your trainees.
  • Four ACBPT pins.

Certification Request Fee: $300.00 USD.

Evaluation and Accreditation Process

Here are the requirements if you want to request ACBPT Quality Certification:
  • A website
  • An Android or IOS application
  • A company Facebook page
  • Your training company must have requested from ACBPT a minimum of 10 certificates per month, for three months, prior to submitting the application for certification.

Requirements for Your Training Programs and Training Material

  • Your training packages must contain a Trainer’s Handbook, trainee’s summary, an introduction, and training material.
  • Each of your training programs must comply with the number of hours listed in the training guide for each program.
  • You must send copies of your training programs to the evaluation committee at ACBPT.

Our Criteria for Training Organizations

Here are our criteria for your training organization:
  • Your training organization must have an average rating from trainees that exceeds 75%.
  • You must comply with the quality standards set out in the membership agreement.
  • You must have a minimum organizational structure, which must include a manager/owner, secretary, marketing staff and a minimum of three trainers.
  • The ACBPT brand (logo and banner) must be visible in your reception area.
  • A sample of your training sessions must be sent to the evaluation committee at ACBPT. This should be in the form of short videos and pictures of your various training events.
  • You must submit one article per month regarding the training or coaching industry in English (no more than one page). For a fee, our publishing team can translate articles written in other languages into English.

**There will be one or more unannounced visits by a member of our evaluation team throughout the year.

Our Evaluation of Trainers

Your trainers must have a minimum of three years experience in the same field as their training programs. We will examine:
  • The extent to which your trainers follow training program plans and the Trainer’s Handbook.
  • Trainees’ evaluation of your trainers.

ACBPT Gold Partner Certification

Gold Partner Certification can only be granted to holders of ACBPT Quality Certification and you must be a member in good standing. To qualify for Gold Partner Certification, you must:
  • Co-organize an event in the country where your training organization operates.
  • Assist in the marketing of an external event (held outside of the country of your training organization).
  • Attend at least one international conference organized by ACBPT.
  • Have requested at least 100 training certificates from ACBPT in the three months prior to applying for the Gold Partner Certification.
By becoming a Gold Partner, your training organization will receive:
  • ACBPT Gold Partner certification.
  • An ACBPT Gold Partner plaque.
  • A 75% increase in your rating on the ACBPT website.
  • The right to display your company’s logo on the home page of our Web site.
  • The opportunity for you to sponsor one training event organized by ACBPT held outside of your country of operation.

Services for Individual Trainers and Coaches:


To become a member of ACBPT, you must:
  • Sign a membership agreement.
  • Successfully complete an ACBPT “Train the Trainer” Program through one of our training agents or electronically via our online training platform (the cost of our online “Train the Trainer” program is $150.00 USD). We also accept “Train the Trainer” certificates issued by other training organizations (that are not members of ACBPT), provided there is a minimum training period of 40 hours.
  • Submit a 10-20 minute training video for evaluation.
To become an International Certified Trainer (ICT), you must:
  • Have PCT certification or meet the basic qualifying criteria for PCT certification.
  • Attend at least one local or international training event organized by ACBPT.
To obtain Train the Trainer (TTT) certification, you must:
  • Participate in delivering a PCT or an ICT program.
  • Meet the basic criteria for PCT certification.
To become a Professional Certified Trainer (PCT), you must:
  • Successfully complete an ACBPT Professional Certified Trainer program online.
  • Delivering training to at least 30 trainees with 30 training certifications through ACBPT.
  • Pay the annual certification fee of $120.00 USD, which includes the PCT training program.
To obtain Training Expert (TE) certification, you must:
  • Meet all the criteria for TTT certification.
  • Write one article about the training and coaching industry in the three months prior to applying for TE certification.
  • Participate in one of the international events organized by ACBPT.
To become a Certified Training Consultant (CTC), you must:
  • Meet all the criteria for TE certification.
  • Have a proven record of coaching and/or delivering consulting services to various training organizations.
To become a Master Trainer (MT), you must:
  • Meet all the criteria for CTC certification.
  • Have a proven record of coaching and/or delivering consulting services internationally.
To become a Master International Trainer (MIT), you must:
  • Meet all the criteria for MT certification.
  • Be able to deliver coaching and training in two or more languages.

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